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MİMAR CAM BALKON is a dominant company in sector .
With awareness of human resource to be the key for success, we aim for human resource policies to create sustainable learning environment which contribute the personal and professional development of our employees that helps them to move up their standards of living. 
With the leadership of the corporate management, Marmaris Cam Balkon aim to be a privileged company to work for by;
- Introducing the right person to the company; employing them, improving their motivation to work, enable them to deliver a high performans both personally and in part of a team and keeping them in the company
- Ensuring them to be prepared for more important tasks within the growth and development strategy of the company
- Providing te efficiency of the internal communication
- Supporting the sense of belonging
- Emphasizing the respect to human
- Improving the happiness to work for the company
- Improving the Human Resource systems and applications to enable the corporate mission, objectives and strategies and providing their efficiency
- Providing the company to be shown as a model in field of Human Resources
- Revealing the leadership abilities, improving and maintaining them permanently and systematically and providing the training of correct and efficient leaders in the company for years
- Sustaining and strenghtening corporate culture and business philosophy